Brand : Roberts

Robert's Extra Virgin Infused Olive Oil - Tuscan Herb (375ml)

Lisalily |

I love this oil

I love this oil! less expensive than my local specialty oil shop and it gets delivered to my door! i will definitely try some of the vinegars!

Arlene |

A welcome healthy condiment for "spicing" up a dish.

I had purchased the garlic infused extra virgin olive oil in the past, but i wanted something with a little more intensity. i was a little surprised on how potent this is and how little is required for impact unlike other flavored oil. i use a very small amount of it on thick slices old world bread topped with olive or artichoke spread and havarti cheese toasted in my convection oven. this makes a very a tasty addition to my evening meals. it's very good at providing a little "heat", but is very neutral and won't clash with other flavors. yum, great discovery!

Chondie |

I love the flavor of this olive oil

I love the flavor of this olive oil, i will definitely buy it again when it runs out. the only downside is the top of the bottle. when you pour the oil there is nothing to keep it from spilling down the side.