Brand : Rockin Beads (TM)

Rockin Beads Brand, 20 Nickle Plated Lobster Claw Swivel Clasps for Key Ring 38x16mm(1 1/2"x5/8")

Zapnzs |

Good swivels...value-priced, good quality, good strength and good durability...much better overall than other products i've used

I have purchased quite a few brands of swivel clasps. these clasps can be so, so, so useful in life, but the large majority of them are poorly made and not reliable...which greatly reduces the usefulness. thus far, this is one of the best clasps i have found, and without question the best for the price. swivel clasps take up less room than carabiners, and take a lot less time than a small swivel ring. if there are things you put and take off your keychain a lot, such as shared keys, mini flashlights, medicine travel bottles, etc., this is a quick-access solution without having to occupy the space that multiple carabiners would (which would be a lot...even with the mini versions.) most of these design seem to fail with the swivel. the swivel itself breaks, and the clasp comes apart. these swivels as a lot nicer than most. they are thicker, of better quality, have less play, and connect to a back ring that is not overly thin. the lobster clasp is easy to use, and connected to a spring that is much stronger than most, and holds up. i have a few of these that i use daily at least 5-10 times and over the better part of a year, they have held up really well (most i have owned could not do this). the nickel plating also seems to be done well as these do a good job at resisting corrosion. so overall, this is a really good swivel for the price. it's not appropriate for uses of heavier weight, but with lighter objects it holds up well, saves time & space, and can stand up to daily usage.

Tony |

Makes adding at removing keys a breeze. reduce the ...

Makes adding at removing keys a breeze. reduce the weight of the keys hanging from the ignition to just the one needed. when taking the car to the shop; just hand over the one key with ease.

Bobtaylor |

Good product !

They perform as advertised, good size, good construction, great price, received when promised. i would definitely purchase these again. thanks.