Brand : Fred R. Gowans

Rocky Mountain Rendezvous: A History of the Fur Trade Rendezvous 1825-1840

T. j. hanson |

Good review of the fur trade west of st. louis, prior to 1840

This book presents a good review of the rendezvous system of the fur trade in the far west. when reading, it would be helpful for the reader to develop a flowchart of the various companies and personnel associated with the fur trade -- and how and where they interact. this book provides a good supplement to the information available for students of the american fur trade era.

Bomojaz |

See you next summer on the popo agie

This is a good resource book for anyone interested in the fur trade period of the old west (1825-1840). the rocky mountain rendezvous was a uniquely american creation whereby supplies were brought from st. louis to the fur trappers working the streams in the far west, thus eliminating their need to come down from the mountains to re-supply, wasting much valuable time. a site and time (usually early july) were prearranged and trappers, indians, traders, and travelers made it a point to gather at the rendezvous. gowans describes each rendezvous that occurred, from the first in 1825 on henry's fork in southwest wyoming to the last in 1840 at the often-selected green river site near daniel, wyoming. who was there, what business was conducted, impressions and incidents are all dealt with, many as revealed in journals and diaries of the participants. the famous pierre's hole fight with the blackfeet as the 1832 rendezvous was breaking up is recounted in detail, as is the time jim bridger had an arrowhead removed from his back by dr. marcus whitman at the 1835 gathering on the green. gowans is particularly interested in locating the exact spot of each rendezvous as best as can be determined by contemporary accounts. for many of them he shows a map and photographs of what the site looks like today. the book also indexes all the names mentioned in the text, and contains a fairly detailed bibliography as well. the yearly rendezvous was fur trader and entrepreneur william ashley's invention, a brilliant idea, and gowans focuses on their actual locations and tells what went on at each one in this informative and entertaining book. highly recommended.

Keith hickam |

Great book

Very good book, loved the references it made in journals and other first hand accounts - color pictures would be better but black and white were adequate