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Rojo Amanecer [VHS]


Terrific movie!!

October of 1968 at about 5pm students gathered at "la plaza de las tres culturas" in tlatelolco not far from downtown mexico city to demonstrate against injustices from the mexican government. my parents owned a condominium in tlatelolco, aguascalientes building where my family and i witnessed the most violent massacre in the history of that country. the movie portrays with a great deal of accuracy what took place in those buildings. since the "granaderos" and members of of the mexican armed forces had orders to kill students and teachers, i had distroyed my teachers' id few weeks back when soldiers blew a hole through the main door of the preparatory number 1 school where i was teaching. some scenes may be disturbing to some viewers because the movie depicts the reality of the massacre. the film is well acted and written. maria rojo has been the proud of mexico for her acting abilities. she was the star in the movie "danzon" which i also reecommend. the movie is only available in vhs. this movie must be in your library. spanish with no english subtitles.

Maricarmen martinez |

It was about time it came out!

This movie is very strong and based on real facts. it is particularly impressive for people who were there to watch it. too bad it's only in spanish because people who don't speak spanish cannot enjoy the should at least come with sub titles.

A customer |

Excelente pelicula mexicana

Esta película es un clásico del cine mexicano. no hace falta explicar de que se trata, pero si es una herramienta para entender la masacre en tlatelolco el dos de octubre del 1968. las escenas son realistas, hasta le escena donde rojo cocina. el final es la parte más triste y dolorosa en el film. es importante recordar que contiene escenas con bastante disturbio. es importante que se tenga también en mente que lo que se ve en este film si llego a ocurrir. no es una exageración. la película también sirve para ver como un grupo de familia se ve atormentada sociológicamente y psicológicamente por el terror del aparato capitalista de estado en el méxico del 68. se las recomiendo.