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Rome: Preview

Leslie g. |


Excellent! i'm sorry and surprised i did not take the time to view the series when it originally aired on hbo.

Michaelray |

Dat marc anthony!

Really loved it. great acting, setting, stories. i am really impressed. it had lots of sex, blood flying, betrayal. lots to enjoy here.

Bill mann |

Wonderful series, one of the all time greats, watch season 2 first.

So this show is so amazingly, amazingly awesome. i love history and i love this show. it's ...fairly close to the actual events, every now and then they change some stuff, but its still a fantastic show! the last few episodes of season 2 are epic! but it does drag a little bit in the middle of the season. keep watching though, its worth it. and even the "weaker shows" in the middle of the season are still very good television! every episode of this show is very, very good. its just some are better than others, and the middle of season 2 is slightly less good. season 1, on the other hand, is magnificent throughout. plus season 1 and season 2 tell very seperate stories. so i say, just start with season 2, then go back and watch season one. it's the best way to watch the show.