Brand : Thomas Mark Zuniga

Running To: In Search of Home On the Open Road

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Love and sincerity

Tom has absolutely blown me away with his heart, compassion, love and sincerity. this book had me laughing, crying, smiling, asking questions and seeking answers that are helping me to "run to" instead of away. he's an amazing guy, find him on social media and blog "your other brothers". my life is forever changed for the better by his friendship and brotherhood.

Marielena |

Move over, jack kerouac!

Move over, jack kerouac and john steinbeck. tom zuniga has you beat by a mile. thousands of miles. "running to: in search of home on the open road" is more than just a beautifully written travel book. yes, you'll feel you're "on the road" with him, viewing through his eyes the wonders of our vast united states and parts of canada. the cities, small towns, mountains and'll discover wonderful places to eat, to stop and view the wonders most of us will never have a chance to see. beyond travel, however, this book is about connections and meeting the most fascinating people. tom comes face-to-face with mormons, ponytailed cult members, and a canadian nudist. he reunites with old classmates and campmates and stays with total strangers on couchsurfing. somewhere along the course of 26,000 miles, he learns he’s not as much of an introvert as previously thought. in his travels, tom also tackles insights and questions about what constitutes home and belonging and also writes about his deep christian faith in god: "this god leading me today is the same of yesterday and a million prior yesterdays, an unpredictable yet predictable god with a pattern of telling his people to do the impossible. a god of moseses setting millions free and abrams wandering to new worlds. a god delighting in the impossible because the impossible proves him true, and above all, good." in his classic book "on the road," jack kerouac writes: "and this was really the way that my whole road experience began, and the things that were to come are too fantastic not to tell." tom tells them well. and better. he is the kerouac of his generation and you will want to savor every page of this book as you travel with him. in search of home. and perhaps finding it.

Brandon graves |

A real page turner

"turns out i’ve been running to this cross for over twenty-three thousand miles now, even when i didn’t know it most of the way." life is about the stories we share with people, the stories we create and the story that our pathway takes us as we try to make sense of our lives while we exist on this planet. tom takes you along with him as he tries to discover what it is that he is meant to do in life. in this book, you see how the original purpose of the journey morphed and changed as the trip progressed, much like many of our own goals in life do. through the anecdotes and emotions shared in this book, you can feel and read how tom's faith keeps him grounded, how he finds a deeper understanding of this faith through the myriad conversations and experiences which he has on the open road. whether you are a physical wanderer or not, there is much everyone can take from this story.