Brand : Stefano Accorsi;Valeria Solarino;Filippo Timi;Valerio Mastandrea;Giampaolo Stella

Rust ( Ruggine ) ( Ferrugem ) [ NON-USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.2 Import - Italy ] by Stefano Accorsi

Carttay |

I was thoroughly engrossed throughout. i wish that i ...

I was thoroughly engrossed throughout. i wish that i had been able to make an important connection earlier in the film. but, even so, i could not stop watching.

Bonnie k. baker |

Film at its finest

I cannot say that i "liked" a film about a monster who preys on children and the way the memory of this monster continues to prey on them as adults, but i appreciated the film and think that it is a story that was worthy of being told. the acting by both the adults and the children is absolutely flawless. incredible film (and i use the term "film", not movie, as a sincere compliment). the main theme of "rust" is the juxtaposition of the immediate impact of an event on three children and the continuing impact on them as adults. this very dark film flips back & forth between 3 adults in the present and a horrible/life-defining event they (and their friends) experienced in their childhood. it also shows a result of actions taken and then rewinds a few minutes to show what happened that caused the result. or to see a scene from one person's viewpoint and then again from another person's. it takes a while to figure out all of the to'ing & fro'ing in order to know when we are seeing the present and when the past, the moment or the seconds leading up to it. you must fill in the many holes left in the plot with your imagination, either because that is the way it was made or because it was actually censored by amazon. i do not know which. i do know that i just saw movie art and that it was incredible

Amazon customer |

Show the whole film !

This film was disturbing (as it should be) and thought provoking. great performances and beautifully shot. however, the most important 10 minutes of the film were cut ! show the whole film !!! i had to go elsewhere and rent it again to see the full film and grasp the whole story. pathetic !!! why even show it ?