Salsoul Pts Essential Boogie Flavas

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Gems from a forgotten era of dance music

Gone are the crazy days of disco. funky horn players, bassists, drummers were slowly replaced by synthesizers and drum machines. albeit severely neglected and under-appreciated, early-80s was actually an exciting period in dance music history, where all the seeds of now flourishing hip-hop and dance electronic music were really planted in the form of technology. everyone with a popular musical inclination knows "the message" by grandmaster flash, "rapper's delight" by sugarhill gang, or all those monumental pieces by kraftwerk, yet for a brief moment, in between the much despised disco and those more contemporary forms of hip-hop/dance music, early-80s boogie dance tunes, with their super-catchy layers of vocals and synths on top of machine-driven beats, totally redefined how dance music would sound into the next decades. popular music later in the same decade took a nose dive into a humongous chunk of much cliched programmed sounds which, in my opinion, mostly continues to date. although the influence of electronic instruments were already immense at the time, early-80s dance funk music still retained the charm of musicians actually playing the instruments --- can you feel *it* when the snare, cymbal, and bass drum are slightly off synch? whatever the cause of it (could it just be the latency problem of a sequencer...haha), that was the era in which musicians still took the lead in actually *embroidering* music, as opposed to *programming* it. yet the instruments in their hands were not all unplugged. since the music i love in this era are underrated and only forms a tiny niche market these days, i have had such a hard time researching which cds and artists i needed to look for --- aurra, skyy, leroy burgess, to name a few. after all, i am a generation xer feeling nostalgia toward music i remember *feeling* when i was a very, very young kid. when i met this collection and heard it, i was so happy that the music was still alive, and there appears a lot more research i have not done. highly recommended for a post-disco or pre-house freak!