Brand : Sargent Art

Sargent Art 22-7224 24-Count Assorted Colored Pencils

Jon |

Pair well with adult coloring books!

These were replacements for the crayons i got for the adult coloring books i ordered for my wife. she was less then pleased with me when she had to color all those tiny sections in the butterfly wings with sunshine yellow crayon. so needless to say they work and work great! they don't wear down fast and keep a good point. lots of colors to pick from and feel like good quality. worth the buy!

Bobby w. |

Nice quality starter set

Recently got into coloring for grown ups, and after trying out colored markers, decided to give colored pencils a try. compared to the pencils i remember as a kid, these sargent art pencils are very nice for the money. you get a wide range of colors to work with, and they lay down pleasing pastel hues. as they don't bleed like markers can, they give me more control. don't know about some of the color names they selected (the "cherry red" doesn't look so). they sharpen to a fine point (i also bought the prismacolor scholar sharpener on amazon for a couple bucks) which is just what i need to stay in the lines. :)

Amazon customer |

Best colored pencils ever!

These colored pencils are top of the line quality. they are always as bright after sharpening, as the very first time. they have a thin marking which helps tremendously when coloring detailed images.