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Saving Private Ryan (Region 2)

Adam dukovich |

Great, but the greatest?

This movie's famous first half hour show war in all its brutality: words cannot describe the feeling in the theater with the big screen images larger than life, floors rumbling, sound pulsing. it will probably be remembered for these brutal minutes, yet the movie is much more than that. it is a look at war itself and the people who fight in it. from omaha beach, capt. jack miller and his squad are sent to find a soldier who has been given a ticket home because three of his brothers have died. this plot has become legendary and has been parodied and spoofed to no end. but this movie is exceptionally complex, you bond with the men of the squad, and although a bit more development would have been nice, its still a compelling movie. the problem i have is that it has been called the best wwii film. discounting period films that didn't directly deal with war like schindler's list, i can think of a couple of equal or better ones right off the bat. the dirty dozen, a midnight clear, das boot, and the bridge on the river kwai. this is a great movie, but the others were superior in their own ways. dozen provided comic insight, midnight is my favorite wwii film and shows the evolution of boys to men, it is a touching coming of age story. das boot is a submarine story told from the side of the germans, they are developed as real, substantial young men who just wanted honor and glory, and you end up hoping they accomplish their mission even knowing it could be your relatives on those boats. kwai is the pacific theater, but it is so good and holds up so well, i just had to include it. alec guinness is a stubborn proud british officer who wants to build a bridge for the japanese as a testimony to the superiority of britain, but doesn't see the consequences. this movie definitely ranks among the best wwii movies, but calling one the best is like saying that orange is better than black, all of these movies are trying to say different things, and all do it well. -m-



Only the naked and the dead and the triumph and the glory can approach speilberg's masterpiece for ultra-realistic depictions of combat and sacrifice in wwii. the only (very,very minor)flaw in the film was casting ted danson in it. to me he will always be sam malone, and only sam malone (of cheers). the scenes he was in broke up the flow of the story a little for me. but hey, great performances from tom hanks and the rather unknown cast of the squad, and of course immense praise for the realism of the movie.


One of the best films i have seen

Though the picture was eccelent, there were some flaws which though minor were still present in the movie, the first n my opinion is that man to man the german soldier was far superior to an american soldier, the fact that aprox. 30 aamericans took on 50 krawts and 3 aurmored vehicles and won is bit difficult to grasp, though other that this the errors were minor and had no significance. in my opinion this and the thin red line have been the best ww2 movies so far, and just about the best war wise. i recomend this strongly for anyone wo enjoyes a good movie about men fighting for freedom and sacrificing their own lives to resolve an issueee which they had nothing to do with