Brand : Scentsy

Scentsy Luna Wickless Candle Tart Warmer Wax, 3.2 fl oz

Kristen hernandez |

Smells amazing , arrived quick and just as described , very happy

Scentsy's blueberry cheesecake is my absolute favorite bar and scent that they have out i love it it smells absolutely amazing in every way and makes the whole house smell great . i've had so many compliments from guests on the scent . my package arrived quick and just as described in very satisfied and will be ordering again . thank you .

Kimmie |

Have been using scentsy for some time

I am happy that i can now purchase these products on-line. they work well near our multi cat box. thanks

Dryad |

A wonderful kitchen scent!

I have always been obsessed with good smells, but after finding scentsy, it has become almost impossible for me to enjoy any other brand. i have five warmers, one in each room, and one is going almost all the time. i like to buy from my friend that sells, but i love this particular scent so much, i couldn't wait for her to place an order. baked apple smells just like the name implies, like a pie is in the oven. i've found that combining this with vanilla bean buttercream is incredible. it enhances the apple pie smell and is an extremely inviting scent. i've had several compliments and people asking what it is and where to get it. i always have to have these scents on hand!