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Serenity [Import allemand]

Yanni sis |

Ensure you get this!

The region 4 "serenity" 2 disc edition is superior and the best out of all regions with exclusive extras. you can find retailers from down under who ship worldwide. if audiences want a film with a good storyline and plot, excellent characters, snappy dialogues and a whole load of action, and science fiction to boot,buy and watch this dvd! whilst having watched the "firefly" television series will allow you to get into the story quickly, audiences can see this film without having any pre-knowledge of the universe "serenity" exists in. the series was described as "a western in space" and the film is exactly that. exciting, pacey and compelling this was by far one of the best releases of 2005. of course, like all films there are weak points but these are few and far between.

J. pulaski |

Original and satisfying

This was a great movie. picks up where firefly left off, and closes out the story like i'm sure the series would have done over several years. i saw the movie on the big screen and was impressed by its' originality, characters (like real people with flaws and unique senses of humor), special effects -of course, and storyline (not just made to show us how cool cgi can be). a very entertaining movie. once again, you will have to pry this dvd from my cold dead hands. makes me wish i lived in that universe if not star wars.

Igor gindin |

Greate show, greate video, greate audio

I already have this film on the dvd but very glad that spend money for the blu-ray version too. video improvement, picture quality is amazing now, colors saturated, every tiny details is distinguishable. audio is impressive too, somebody can say "perfect" and i'll agree. disk worth every dollar, must-be in every blu-ray home collection.