Brand : A.J. Thomas

Sex & Sourdough

Halolove |

“sex and sourdough are nice,” kevin whispered, “but i just need you.”

This was sort of like a late coming of age story, about an adult really finding his self worth in a world trying to dictate his every move. kevin and anders' journey of friendship to love was beautifully told in an adventurous and fun way. and to learn how serious the disease kevin has was informative and scary. this makes me want to pick up hiking! without an ex boyfriend though!!!! good grief! i liked how the author was able to create both mc's as authentic likable human beings with flaws and the people they meet along the way were funny and a bit crazy, good, fun crazy, especially chex mix!! lol sex & sourdough, i wish i could pin point what was hot, what was new, what was more invigorating about the intimate moments between kevin and anders but i can't. all i can say was it was sweet mixed with sexy toped of with deliciously fulfilling. 😍 maybe it was just the way they met and got to know each other which created a perfect storm for steamy hot sex. ugh! i don't know, maybe it's just how well the author writes, no matter how i try to figure it out it was hot and sexy. not overwhelming, it didn't take over the story at all and that's what i appreciate about this authors writing style. now, i honestly did not expect the trouble that happened throughout the story and it came to a somewhat shocking end. it's like i kind of expected it, but i was still shocked by it. i'm still left thinking, wth! anyway, this is such a great contemporary mm romance tale, with just the right amount of angst, romance, family, fun, action (sort of), and shock value. terrific read. please, please let someone young and talented like 💞 matt baca 💞 be the narrator when this story makes it to audibles. please, i'm begging here!!! oh, and a story for cole is desperately needed! like now...

Kimbermcfar |

Heart warming story about falling in love on the appalachian trail

Loved this book.. i have always wanted to hike the appalachian trail and after reading this book i almost feel like i have!!! i just love kevin, so strong in the face of adversity..****** slight spoiler***** systemic lupus is a hard diagnoses even today. autoimmune diseases have no cure.. you just treat the symptoms and hope for the best. i can only imagine how hard hiking for a year would have to be, but he felt it gave him a reason to live. anders now , he is also looking for a reason to live, although on the surface he is a lucky man, rich parents, good looking boyfriend ,just graduated college. unfortunately anders was a lost little boy... raised by nannies, lonely, abusive boyfriend. in the 4 months these two take to hike during the summer they find the missing pieces of themselves in each other. i loved how they came together and found happiness and love together and surpise from their families. when the going gets tough their families were there for them, and that was the last piece of the puzzle. i hope ms. thomas writes a sequel this story still has so much to tell... loved it 4456 locations nice long read! highly recommend!!

Scarlettflame31 |


Loved this one. i like the fact this book gives examples how people judge others on appearance or sexuality and shows that you can't judge a book by it's cover . it is heartfelt and feels like a true life book and not just a fairy tale romance. thank you