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Shaft In Africa

A. flynt |

Another option!

Agree with the other reviews of this excellent album. i saw the movie during it's original run, bought the soundtrack on vinyl, 38 years later i have owned the dvd for several years. guess i missed the import compact dic release of this sound track years ago. amazon marketplace has some sellers offering it at (for me) outlandish prices so i have held on to my vinyl for dear life. and then ...while browsing in an independent record store(there were a lot of them ten years ago) i happened upon 'the best of shaft' by hip-o records. an unassuming compilation with all twelve tracks from the movie soundtrack 'shaft in africa plus several cuts from the first movie 'shaft' and a take from drummer bernard purdie's cover (in 1971-3 the shaft theme was covered by everyone from percy faith to maynard ferguson). picked it up for about $6 and change. i had the soundtrack in my wish list for at least a year when on a whim i finally compared the track listings of both items. the bottom line - - 'best of shaft' can be had for $10 from several sites while 'shaft in africa' just dropped to $29.99 shipping not included. man! i am so grateful to the fortunes of faith.

W. noshie |

The essence of my jazz and soul music education

In the 70's and when i started getting into the soul music, bought the soundtrack of the movie which i enjoyed back then. this album that i thought would be mainly a soul album, turned out to be a jazz soul album. being with a limited budget in the 70's and buying 1 music album each month, made me listen to this album over and over and over; and this is the essence of my introduction to jazz with the soul touch. i just found a copy of that cd on amazon lately. amazingly happy to have it back after all these years. grover washington, whalum, four tops, soul, jazz. this album can be for you