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The shining, by stephen king

The shining is a work of fiction by stephen king. after reading it, and thoroughly enjoying it, i would defiantly recommend this book for others to read. one thing that really stands out about how stephen king writes is his character development. in all of his books, (that i've read) the reader learn this massive amount of information about his characters. what really stands out about his character development is that there are three main characters in this story, (jack torrence, wendy torrence, and danny torrence). thus, his character development is at a much higher level because he does not have to go into detail with very many other characters. another thing that i liked about this book is that danny's ability to "shine" (note the shining is a gift danny was born with that is a pre-cognitive/mind reading ability) gives stephen king the ability to use foreshadowing at another level. the only thing i disliked about this book is that stephen king does not tie in why he chooses some aspects of the overlook hotel's history in the book. yes, the events he does choose do fit with the story, but i would like to know if there was a criteria for his choosing of certain parts of the overlooks history. i suppose he did this to give the reader the ability to fill in the blanks your self, but i still would have like to have known his thoughts behind it. overall, despite the fact that stephen king did not elaborate on parts that i may whish that he did, this book is still one of his best works. probably the best part about this book, is the fact that there aren't very many main characters. due to this, i consider this book a physiological analysis of why things go horribly wrong. stephen king gives roots to jack and wendy's past to see why they make certain decisions, or act in ways that they do. i did not let the fact that he did not fully explain reasons why he choose certain portions of the overlooks history bother me so much that i took off a star. 5/5 bravo.

Kim-me |

Better than the movie!

I love stephen king, all of his books grab you and hold you tightly from the first word to the heart wrenching, terrifying end. thanks mr king, for your time.

Alicia j deur |

Good read

I've read this book several times....good read. one of his best stories. typical stephen king, twists and surprises that keep you interested