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Silas: Mating Season Collection - Wolves of the Rising Sun #5

C casto |

This is by far the best story in this series

This is by far the best story in this series. loved silas and hannah. we also get to see a bit from smoke and scarlett who are from the previous story. this one here throws some new information at us about the overall plot of the story. not going to say what because i hate writing reviews with spoilers. also there are sex scenes in this story as well as the rest from this series. i just like to point this out because some people refuse to read a book that has that. amazing read!!

Angela |

Forbidden love

This is my favorite in the series so far. the forbidden love, the torment, the excruciating exercise of patience and the deep seeded connection that cannot be ignored...will not be ignored. nothing can separate silas from his true mate, nothing.

Kindle customer |

Fast paced

Fast paced and action packed. loved it. ready to start the next one... i have really enjoyed this series so far.