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Sin City [Blu-ray Steelbook + Digital HD] by Lionsgate by Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino Frank Miller

Gregc |

Welcome to sin city

"i don't know about you but i'am having a ball!" - marv sin city is one of the best movies to come out in a while. it's visually stunning and fun to watch. the characters are larger then life and fun to follow throughout the movie. this movie is rodriquez's pulp fiction. using frank miller's character's and story, he creates a movie you can watch over and over again. mickey rourke is perfect and is without a doubt the best character in the film. this movie has it all. great action, comedy, story, acting, and eye candy. buy this movie and visit sin city!

Sully |

Highly recommend

I'd read all the reviews and hype but was pleasantly surprised and pleased that the movie surpassed all my expectations. micky rourke was amazing and while i'll watch anything with bruce willis, he too was exceptional.

Gothamknight |

Very dark and full of sin

I never read the books of sin city but i've heard of them. the movie looked good but i wasn't expecting much of it. but man i was wrong. this film was amazing. it was really dark, had alot of action and alot of blood. the movie is broken into three stories. my favorite is the hard goodbye. see theres this big guy named marv. not really a ladies man but he loved this hooker. she was murderd and marv gets framed. but he won't go down easy and won't let the cops get him easy either. he beats people up or kills them or does both. the movie gets very graphic too. for example marv tends to cut off a guys legs and arms. or you'll see peoples heads get choped off. i'm gladd to own this 2 disc box set. you get the entire novel of the hard goodbye, trailers, behind the scenes including the cars of sin city, and of course the extended uncut version of the movie broken down into four stories. very good piece of film and one of frank millers best work as a comic creator and hey as a director. who knew he could direct.