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Sin Perdón (Blu-Ray) (Import Movie) (European Format - Zone B2) (2007) Clint Eastwood; Frances Fisher; Jaimz W

Robert b hicks |

One of the best i have seen

One of the best i have seen. mr. eastwood, hackman and mr. freeman are in my top list of talent. sure it has been a good time since then but a classic shall never go away.

Ed |

Great show with great actors

It was nice to see a 4-star movie that we had missed in the theaters. i would recommend it to everyone!


Subtle and dignified retelling of the western myth

In the years since seeing this movie at the theater, i have been dumbfounded by the negative responses to it when it comes up in conversation. but then i realize, much of the moviegoing populace generally wants movies that create and preserve their fantasies, not those that deconstruct myths and challenge their thinking. what amazes me in retrospect is that such a brilliant and subtle movie like this could have been such a hit at the time. its staying power will always be as a historic retelling of the classic western in such a way to make it impossible to see the old ones the same way again.