Brand : Skechers

Skechers Performance Women's Go Flex Slip-On Walking Shoe

Jannabanana |

Amazing for my trip to japan!

Whenever i travel, my main worry is my feet. with a desk job and lots of driving, my feet are not usually prepared for the huge change when traveling and the great amounts of walking involved. in past trips, my legs and feet would be so sorry by the second day that i'd barely be able to enjoy the rest of it, and i'd have to call many early nights just to lie down and rest my sore feet and hope they'd recover a bit for the next day. anyway, i decided to order these before a 2-week trip to japan. i'm usually a size 9 so i ordered those. they were too big so i returned them and grabbed an 8.5 and they were perfect. i wore them every day in japan, often spending 14 hours on my feet walking around in tokyo. and my feet felt great. these shoes are seriously life-changing. i want to buy 10 more pairs. people aren't joking when they say it feels like you're walking on clouds. as a test, i decided to wear my boots one day instead of these shoes, and by 5pm i was hobbling through the streets of japan, shooting pain in my heels. the next day i switched back to my skechers and the problem was instantly fixed. i really can't recommend these shoes enough. they are so comfortable!

Cailin mcgarrigle |

Buy now

I absolutely love these shoes, they are so comfortable and i wear them all day when at work, these are the first pair of closed off shoes that my feet do not sweat in!!! i absolutely love them, i will be buying another one in a different color!!!! i put that the width of the shoe was somewhat narrow only because i have realllllly wide feet and over all they till fit great even if i had super narrow feet they would still fit like a charm. i said not good arch support only because i have a super high arch and ive never found a single shoe to fit my arch....ever. so i put no just for honestly on my particular foot.

Cynthia r. peterson |

Wider and bit larger

Wider and a bit larger then other go walks. i have more gowalks then i dare admit (love shoes!) as i get older the bottoms of my feet get more sensitive, and i walk, run, and hike a lot. older gowalks were not as cushioned on the sides, but still miles ahead of other shoes. the newer versions bump up the cushioning, sides and footbed. the heel of these shoes is a bit wider because of the cushioning there. i have a narrow heel, so not happy about that. i do like the new, improved flex sole. old gw had an amazing springy bottom too, but those dots got stuff stuck in them and wore out fast. i am hoping the new sole will improve that-but these are just as flexible. included are pictures of a older (but newer) version. you can see these are a bit bigger, not a half size larger, but for my slightly narrow feet, and narrow heel, it isn't a good move for me. still, i do love these shoes.