Brand : Kurt Vonnegut

Slaughterhouse-Five or The Children's Crusade (Signed Limited Editions from The Franklin Library)

Royce ennet |

Great read

No one, no one can write like kv. he has a profound ability to write with levity and interject life and substance. his style is unmatched, unparalleled.

Harry marks |

Still worth the read

Vonnegut once seemed a revelation - now his work is just interesting. billy pilgrim gets lost in this quintessential vonnegut story, trying to make sense of the irrational and the horrific. the contrast between crazy (as in psychotic) war and banal (as in stultifying) life at home is too much for the poor man's mind, and he wanders through time and place. if you want to understand what makes vonnegut a cult hero, and what makes vonnegut worth the read, this is a good place to start. you will meet strange creatures, and wonder what side they are on. you will meet two dimensional characters, and wonder how they capture so many sides of us. you will be disoriented. you will be surprised. you will be dismayingly unsurprised. people will die horribly, and you will find yourself smiling ironically. and so it goes.

Avid reader |

A masterpiece

One of the best english language books of the twentieth century. powerful and timeless from a master of bl,ack comedy.