Brand : Bill Schweigart

Slipping The Cable

Dan |

Good read

I really enjoyed this book. it's hard to believe this is the authors first novel.i enjoyed the story as a whole, and felt the character devleopment was great for a first novel. it you havent served aboard a coast guard cutter, this is as probably as close as you are going to get.the author nails it as only someone who lived it can. he gives the reader a feel for everything from daily ship board life to narcotics interdiction, and the open and closed door politics that are very much a part of cutter life. all of that being said, the uscg is a major part of this book, but it certainly isnt all of this book. i didnt find a section of the story that dragged, i thought it was very well balanced. i laughed at parts, got nervous during others. is this the best book i have ever read? no, but it is very much worth your time and hard earned money. i cant wait to get my hands on the authors next book. bravo zulu ensign sensor, well done sir.

Ted killy |

Got me through hurricane sandy!

The plot, the characters, the setting...this book grabbed me right away! i couldn't put it down because i was too anxious to see what was going to happen next. this was the right book at the right time...hurricane sandy killed my lights and tv, and i almost didn't mind because i had a great story to keep me entertained. all i can say to the author is "well done! keep 'em coming!".

Go navy |

What's next?

I never review books but enjoyed this one so much that i felt compelled to comment. i'm anxious to read bill schweigart's next novel. we have coast guard officers in our family who recommended this to me so i expected that i would like it, but the quality of the writing and the crafting of this creative and multi-faceted story far exceeded my expectations. i was quickly pulled in and found it difficult to stop reading it, anxious to see the next development in the story line. the unique plot stands alone, a far cry from the normal adventure novels that repeat the same basic story with variations in heroes and villians. the shipboard scenes are reminiscent of herman wouk as the reader sifts through the disturbing dynamics between the co and members of his crew. the description of key west was vivid and fascinating and if you've never been there you will want to go after reading this novel. while i'm not usually a fan of the results of turning books into films, there's no doubt this one would be a candidate for an original and compelling movie that would rise above the predictable hollywood adventure fare.