Brand : Dennis Fried

Small Dog, Big Life: Memoirs of a Furry Genius

Allan matthews |

Beyond laugh-out-loud funny

I've read a handful of books that are laugh-out-loud funny, but genevieve's book goes way beyond just being funny. she has held up a mirror to the human condition; her wry commentary will make you stop and think. brava, brava, i loved every single page. i can't wait to read the next edition of her hilarious insights.

Amazon customer |

Small dog, big life

This book is really cute! i love all dog breeds and loved this book. i recommend this book for a casual read.

Os |

Settle back with a bowl of water and a good chew toy

I'm usually suspicious of books barktated to humans without assistance from experienced canilinguists, but dr. fried seems eminently qualified and adept at putting genevieve's deep thoughts into layman's words. while the well-known translations into great dane, chihuahua, and cocker spaniel are meticulously faithful to the unique colloquialisms of puppy patter, dr. fried's edition takes a more scholarly approach, and i must say genevieve expresses herself eloquently and humorously in this less-advanced mode of communication (english). fried has gotten the star to open up and divulge celebrity life away from the bright lights and paparazzi; indeed, the reader will gratefully share the doghouse (bring your own newspaper) and beg for scraps from genevieve's table of gossip. a hilarious gift for dog lovers and anyone who likes to laugh!