Brand : Sorbus

Sorbus Foldable Storage Cube Basket Bin (6 Pack, Royal Blue)

Jj |

Great budget storage bins

It's great affordable price. remember, most budget products are "cheap" feeling. so yes, it's not very sturdy but for what i am using it for, it'll do just fine. i have some old dvds, vhs, and games i'm using it to put in. it is smaller than the ikea storage boxes i have in the living room but thank goodness because ikea doesn't fit on some of my bedroom shelves. if you have heavy items that you will be pulling in and out of frequently, i would recommend buying a different storage bin. i like that it comes in different colors. i would prefer to customize the colors but it's cheaper to buy in a 4 bundle. a lid would make it even better, but it seems whenever there are lids added, it gets a lot pricier. i don't understand why people complain about the size then rate it low. do you buy blindly? look at the dimensions. it also clearly states that it uses cardboard as well.

Jax |

Just great!

Delivered quickly, product is exactly as described. these are so handy and have multiple uses. they fit in many popular square shelving systems. i'm using them in my closet and they're perfect!

Joanna ebe |

Durable with good color selection

I normally purchase cubes such as these at target, usually a spur-of-the-moment purchase and usually in some shade of tan because the other colors available typically are geared toward children. i'm glad i had a cube crisis that could wait the few days for me to order new ones online, because the color options available in this brand are refreshing. no more tan! i ordered the dark blue. they arrived quickly as promised and were well-packaged with no wear or tear noted. quality is good, comparable to the ones i've purchased elsewhere. thus far (about a month into having them) they are durable and the handles are well-attached. i've now ordered more.