Brand : CAC

Soup Bowls - 2 White Porcelain Ceramic Vietnamese Pho Japanese Ramen Noodles Menudo Pasta Popcorn Fruit Dessert Serving Dishes

Chris donnell |

Excellent bowls for pho, ramen, stew and salad!

I have been looking for bowls like these in stores for quite a while. i was excited to find these and they were not a disappointment. they are the perfect size and the quality is excellent. i would prefer if they were a bit heavier, but this is a personal preference, so i cannot take anything away from them. they were shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition. i would absolutely purchase these bowls again and probably will.

Allison dragin |

Just perfect!

These bowls are exactly what i was looking for to serve the blue apron recipes that i have been making.

James |

... my bowl and i can already tell you it's great. i absolutely recommend them

I just received my bowl and i can already tell you it's great. i absolutely recommend them. it's thick, sturdy, and a good size if you want a larger bowl. however, i say 'bowl' and not 'bowls' because i only received one that was still intact. the bubble-wrap they pad them with is great, buuuuuuut, the bubble-wrap they put in between the bowls is thin and minimal, bordering on non-existent. as a result, the top bowl completely shattered the bottom one. so until they pad the in between like they pad the outside, be prepared to only get one these bowls still in one piece. but this is a seller that pays attention. as soon as i mentioned this in my review, the seller contacted me, apologized, and sent a replacement. these are definitely folks who make sure you get what you pay for.