Brand : GringoCool

Spanish 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 1 Bottle Box (16.9 fl oz) from GringoCool

Jeanne |

Highly recommend!

We've had a couple months now to enjoy this evoo and can highly recommend it. we did a taste test with our regular evoo and this is superior - very smooth, full of flavor and a pleasant aroma. great on salads, with a little bit of bread, or in dips. i was impressed with the solid packing box, too. this is a new staple for our house!

Mary ann |

Awesome product!

I've recently learned so much about different olive oils and this particular one is excellent! we did a family taste test and there is definitely a difference in them. this is perfect for enhancing flavor in cooked veggies, salad, and dipping bread. we also had great service in receiving this shipment - keep up the great service and product so others can enjoy this product as much as we did!

Laura |

I have enjoyed olive oil

I have enjoyed olive oil...but i love this olive oil!! it has a fresh and smooth taste like no other. i really appreciate the fact that it comes directly from spain and isn't an evoo mix that is manufactured in the usa. the bottle and packaging are beautiful and it has an excellent pour. i can't say enough good things about this product! thank you gringocool!