Brand : Spigen

Spigen Tough Armor Galaxy S5 Case with Extreme Heavy Duty Protection and Air Cushion Technology for Samsung Galaxy S5 2014 - Gunmetal

Rick elliott jr |

Great, sleek case for a great price

Case looks sleek and awesome, and fits the galaxy s5 like a glove. buttons are still very easy to use, and don't hinder their operation at all. it does make the charger cover slightly more difficult to open if you have fat fingers like i do, but only very slightly.

Melanie marcle |

Love this case

Love this case! the color is exactly the same i love the feel of it. and on the front there's enough of a lip from the case surrounding the screen that when it lands face first the screen doesn't touch the ground or any surface u put it on :)

Amazonmama |

Love this case and the color too

Love this case and the color too. some of my friends don't like that it doesn't have a resistance feel to it. that's why i like it. it is smooth but not too slick. feels nice in my hands and works well in my pockets.