Brand : Emma Savant

Spinning Into Gold: A Glimmers Novel: Rumpelstiltskin (Glimmers Universe Book 1)

Mmmurdoog |

Great story!

A strange, but interesting triangle: a wonderful singer, a controlling manager, and a handsome prince. sometimes, due to the control freak, it was hard for me to read: the story is that well written. i truly enjoy the truly cryptic serena. great story.

Erin |

Savant nails it

What a seriously great book. as much as i love reading, i am not particularly good at giving reviews, but this book is just so good that i will give it my all. dior is an up and coming pop singer who is discovered by august rumple, manager extraordinaire, maker of careers. everything seems great, but of course it isn’t, and august turns into a spectacularly creepy villain that you love to hate. there were moments when he genuinely made my skin crawl, and of course i loved every second of it. and that climax! the ending! the cameos from characters i already know and love! i couldn’t put it down. no, i literally took my kids to the park so i could sit on the bench and read while they played. isn’t that what we really want out of great books? to be creeped out and thrilled along with the characters? to soar with their success and hit rock bottom with them? cause spinning totally accomplishes that. and then there is the wonderful romance that i just adored. i won’t ruin anything, but clarence is the bee’s knees and absolutely a masterful gentleman. i don’t know how savant does it, but even her side characters feels so real and flushed out. i want books about all of them — and one of my very favorite things about indy authors is that they take you back to the world that you loved again and again and again. here’s hoping there are many more in the works, especially one about serena. a vampire private investigator?? tell me more!

Marita peelman |

A new twist to an old story.

When august rumpel becomes the agent of up and coming singer dior miller it's like a dream come true. then bit by bit the dream becomes a nightmare. dior will need all her courage and her friends, old and new, to escape rumpel's stranglehold. emma savant managed to write an exciting new story set in the glimmering world and this one has a really creepy and scary villain. scarier because if you take away the magic the villainy is still there. with a rumpelstiltskin-based story it is no surprise who the villain is, but setting it in modern day glimmering portland brings a new twist to the story. i was lucky to get an arc copy of the novel. i started to read at lunchtime and a good thing i had a free afternoon. i always wanted to know what happened next. ‘just one more chapter’ at a time i finished the story in the small hours of the night. there’s obviously real magic in emma savant’s writing because this was the second time one of her novels kept me under its spell until the last full stop.