Brand : Ngaio Marsh

Spinsters in Jeopardy: Roderick Alleyn #17 (Inspectr Roderick Alleyn)

Papyrus abbess |

Behind the scenes of a cult

I'm having a blast making my way through marsh's inspector alleyn oeuvre. something kicks into her writing in the 1950s that takes my breath away at the beauty of clarity of her descriptions. spinsters in jeopardy is quite a tale. marsh attempts to collate and capture a modern societal ill that must have preyed upon her sense of care for her world. she delivers a post-opium global drug trade expansion overview; bored, wealthy, emotionally disconnected characters; the quirky charm of south of france as could only be described by a toff; and an accurate dissection of how a cult leader lures and subsumes his followers. into this heady mix inspector alleyn has brought his wife and only child, all three of whom are quickly swept up into a battle to take down a fortress of depravity. interspersed are touches of humor that had me laughing aloud. forgive marsh her naiive use of marijuana as a drug as dangerous as meth; her intent is dead accurate.

Kindle customer |

Good mystery

Enjoyed this book. this book shows what can happen when people get involved in cults because they want to belong to something. marsh's mysteries and characters are believable.

Madeline gallo |

It is too bad that it is so hard to get the actual ...

It is too bad that it is so hard to get the actual paper books of ngaio marsh...she is a wonderful writer..thoughtful, intelligent, articulate, and very painterly in her descriptions. love her books......