Spooky Halloween Owl & Skull Nonstick Silicone Egg Ring Maker Mold Shaper Combo / Breakfast Sandwich Pancake Omelet Novelty, Set of 2 by Silicone Alley

Samantha |

I am so glad i got these

I am so glad i got these. my son is a very very picky eater, but now that i have this skull and owl, he loves to eat. he wants everything made like one of them. they are easy to use and easy to clean. makes cooking fun. im very happy to know something so simple like this would help make it more fun for my very picky son to eat. would have bought a long time ago. the product is excellent, as specified by the seller! the transportation package was perfect size and safely protected.. highly recommended. i received this product at a discount or free in exchange for a unbiased honest review. thank you for letting me review it.

Brent |

Looks awesome and does what it is supposed

I bought this so i can make different designs while making breakfast. looks awesome and does what it is supposed to

Robin in fl |

So cute, a little fussy but it works!

This worked so well to make surprise spooky eggs for the kids for halloween. those yolk eyes really sold me, just so clever. i sprayed the frame well with an oily spray and used a well greased very well seasoned iron pan, as i wanted no chance of sticking. preheat the pan to a low/medium heat and also preheat the broiler if your kids do not like the white a little undercooked. separate the eggs, place the yolks in the eye holes then carefully pour enough white to fill the other space, while pressing down on the frame. you can remove any white that leaks out with a knife after it cooks a little, don't worry about it much. cook until set, then remove frame and if you like put it under the broiler to finish the top (it will cook the yolks a little but that way the white gets done without disturbing the skull shape). have not tried it with pancake yet, but the skull with yolk eyes was a big hit with kids from 8-18 and me too.