Brand : Primapore

St John Ambulance Supplies Supplies Primapore Adhesive Wound Dressing Pad 10 x 8cm Pack of 20

Camerastrap |

Great for super sensitive skin!

Primapore is the only dressing that i have been able to wear due to an adhesive allergy. i tried several, but most occlusive dressings leave me with nasty itching and blisters within a half hour or so. my skin gets a little red if i wear these for a few days while my port is accessed, but for daily use it isn't bad at all. i would definitely recommend trying these if you have adhesive reactions! i bought an extra box to keep in the car in case i need to have my port accessed at the doctor's office or hospital, since they typically don't carry many options for port dressings. (in fact, many places only stock tegaderm.)