Brand : The Weekend Brewer

Stainless Steel Carboy Fermenter by The Weekend Brewer (64oz)

Pmtneal |

Awesome for clean brew!

I've been looking for a stainless steel carboy for a long that didnt require a bubbler airlock. it comes with the pressure lock valve so you can release it once a day and a screw cap so you can have a growler later on. best buy ever and i will be returning to a keg version!

Joe burge |

Makes fermentation useless. contacted seller

The machining on the fermentation caps was all screwed up and they will not even engage fully to seal onto the growler. makes fermentation useless. contacted seller, no response. 12/01/17 update; seller replaced the damaged caps. i still love the quality and convenience of these for small batch. i already bought more (as they become available) best option for storing and dispensing new pico batches over their non-co2 serving keg and poor fermentation design. changed to five stars