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Stairway to Fairyland

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Stairway to fairyland [extra tracks][import] by freedom call

Freedom call is by far one of the greatest power metal bands out there! they sound like a cross between gamma ray, hammerfall, helloween and other power metal gods. the drummer, dan zimmerman is also the drummer for gamma ray, therefore, you can definitely hear some gamma ray influences on this cd. i would single out some of the better tracks on this cd and the highlights, but to be honest, the whole entire cd is amazing. i guess if i had to pick some tracks, they would be 2, 3, 8, and 10. everything, and i mean everything is perfect about this cd, the editing, producing, song writing, vocals, intrumentals, everything! my last words are words of advice, please, if you are a metalhead, do yourself a huge favor and get this cd!

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Awesome debut album!

I must say this is one of the bands that makes you happy to listen to. this album sounds alot like a happier version of helloween with great anthems which have a great combination to their metal. chris bay is one of the best singers in power metal today and the main thing is i wanted to hear about this album was none other than former guitarist sascha gerstner's (now with helloween) neo classic guitar playing style with freedom call and i must say i like him more than ever now, and daniel dimmerman (now with gamma ray too) is one of the greatist talented drummers as always. \m/ stay metal \m/

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I just feel so happy right now...

So, i had a dream that i was playing mario kart 64, and i was on the rainbow road level on 150cc. on the last stretch, i managed to take koopa out with a red shell, and sneak in front of that piece of crap, toadstool, for 1st place. instead of the usual boring trophy ceremony though, it was a freedom call concert. they started with the opening track off 'stairway to fairyland', and everything just fell into place... sitting there in my kart on the rainbow colored pavement, staring at my freshly procured gold medal, and thinking back to all the trials and challenges i had to overcome to get to where i was (especially dk's cheating antics), i realized that there was no better way to celebrate that moment than to listen to freedom call kick off with the organ intro on over the rainbow. koopa somehow had managed to finish in 2nd place, even though i could swear i knocked him clear off the track with my red shell right before the finish line. i looked over at him, and it was apparent that he felt the same way i did about the whole ordeal. i pulled my kart up next to his, and we just sat silently, side by side, and took in the next 45 minutes of freedom call's live set. it was surreal to say the least... the most amazing part was, after the show, the guys came down from the stage and challenged some of us to a friendly race. even though yoshi was concerned that rainbow road might be too difficult for complete beginners, especially in the suped up 150 ccers we were racing, in no time at all, the band had managed to borrow some karts and we were lined up on the starting line. that crummy cloud guy signalled that the race was underway, and we all hit the gas. of course, toad spun out from getting too excited on the pedal, but who cares about him... seriously. anyway, you won't even believe what happened next. all of the freedom call guys got mushrooms and blasted off just as the track dipped downwards. instead of getting some mad air and then dropping back onto the track, they just kept going through the air. they were flying! they turned around and waved goodbye to us and then there were a bunch of fireworks and everything - it was amazing!!! the last thing i remember was luigi screaming, "hey you motherf#$%ers, that's my kart!!!". you need this album.