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Star Girl

Kris10 |


First off i love spinelli. this book is terrific and lets you know if you are different it is okay. i read this book in fifth grade and still love it. stargirl is that one girl who is bullied for being her i admire people like that. i wish i could be as courageous as stargirl.

Southern charm |

It was a delight to read again

Read this book a long time ago. moved and left the book in our house so i didn't got to re-read it. i chose this for a book club so i had to order it again (cheaper than flying to my house). it was a delight to read again. i picked up so much more insight the second time around. for me this is a life changing book. bullying happens (on various scales) and it is good to be aware. i also love stargirl's character. if i could be like her then i would be doing pretty well-we all would. such a poignant, well-written, timely, relevant little book.


Life changing

This was the best book i have ever read! it was amazing! and it changed my life forever. i recomend this book to everyone alive! in this book, stargirl, an indavidual, and homeschooler (like me) falls in love with the boy narrating the story, and changes hos life. she dosnt care what people think. for anyone who feels lost, or found, this is a wonderful book. everyone should read it, all my friends love it. especially girls should read it! enjony