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Star Trek: Enterprise: Season 2 [Blu-ray]

John |

Now you're running.

Okay, they got the temporal stuff done for a while. good. minefield i loved as it introduced the romulans but never showed them. the communicator was a great episode. it showed just how much impact you can have. stigma was great not for t'pol's story line but for trips. phlox and his wife... my kind of folks. future tense was the best temporal cold war episode of them all. judgment was perfect as it showed the klingons but not at war. it was the embodiment of the trial from the movie but better. cogenitor was a great one. a bit heady in my opinion but hit on the key social issues. regeneration is my favorite of the this season. it's a good little bridge episode of sorts. introduces cybernetic organism. the finale setup season 3. a brazen attack to ruin all the pretty niceness. just what the trek universe needed i think. a slap the to face.

G f |

Another solid season

Season 2 follows the successful launch of this star trek series. the characters seem comfortable with their roles and the episodes are entertaining. i like the concept behind the series - doing a prequel to all the other star trek series, although it seems many hard core fans dislike it.

Tauren carlson |

A great show!!!!

Okay, let me start of and say that i didn't watch enterprise when it aired on upn. (i think that i was reluctant to watch it because i was a big tng fan) so one day, i decide to take a risk and buy season 1 of enterprise, i loved it! season 2 is even better. the cast seems to click a lot better and there are some awesome story lines. here are my fav episodes of season 2. shockwave part 2 i love the temporal cold war! plus it is the conclusion to the cliffhanger. minefield really good character development with archer and malcolm a night in sickbay some people talk crap about this episode but i thought it was brilliant! i love porthos and also this episode gives some major character development to archer and phlox. also, a good episode about humility. the communicator the prime directive goes right down the drain in this one. everything gets screwed up! precious cargo trip ends up with a beautiful princess...need i say more? cease fire wonderful episode that gives starfleet more leverage in the interstellar community future tense tholians, soliban...another temporal cold war theme! regeneration any epidode with the borg is awesome!! first flight this episode is probably at the top of my list. i thought it showed so much of who captain archer was. the beginning of the nx program and even a bar fight! the expanse this episode totally starts a whole new saga to enterprise. not only does archer have to deal with the temporal cold war but now it gets even more messed up with a race called the xindi. this episode surely wets the appetite for season 3! i cant wait for it. i believe enterprise could be a smash hit in syndication. i have fallen in love with this series!