Brand : Star Wars

Star Wars Big Boys The Force Awakens Ties (Various Patterns), Resistance Red, One Size

Hollyjj |

Great tie for my 6 year old

I bought this for my 6 year old. the length is good. he is in the 85th percentile or so, so he's probably built more like a 7 year old. he currently wears a size 7x that fits perfect, and size 8 is a little roomy on him. the little boys zipper tie is just right. i definitely would not want it any shorter. so if you are on the fence about this being too short, you should probably size up to the big kid version. i'd say this is not appropriate if they are over age 8. the material is nice, and i love the zipper feature. first one i've bought like this, and it definitely looks much nicer than a clip on. the zipper runs smooth, and works great. will definitely buy more of these.

Guitargypsymama |

Everybody loves it!

My 7 year old loves it. i love it. what more could i ask for?! i paired this with an orange dress shirt and my son gets compliments every time he wears it :) very soft, a bit long for a 7 year old but i knew what i was ordering. i wanted a big boy tie and not those elastic ones. i am pleased with this purchase.