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Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (Full Screen Edition)

Ken bailey |

The best of the prequels...

This is definately the glue that holds the prequels to the orginal series. i like how there are enough scenes in the movie that do that. especially the scene with beru and owen looking off at an uncertain future, much like luke in episode iv. the lightsaber battle between anakin and obiwan is top notch. its the epic battle that we've been waiting close to 30 years for and it doesn't disappoint. however, ian mcdiarmid steals the movie. he plays the twisting evil genius to a tee. you can definately see why they gave him the power. you can almost see why anakin fell for him. however, to really appreciate this movie, you have to watch it with all the rest of them. then they make sense.

Ob1 |

This is a great dvd!

This dvd is a must have for all star wars fans! i got it the day it came out and was instantly taken to a galaxy far, far away! this dvd has deleted scenes which are a must see. (my favorites are becoming obi-wan and the c-3p0 one) behind the scenes of how they created the mustafar sequence is called "within a minute". the story of anakin skywalker is cleared up in "the chosen one". and a very cool thing about the stunts on episode iii "it's all for real, the stunts on revenge of the sith" (after i saw that i wanted to do some stuntwork!) there is also has a photo gallery with behind the scenes pictures. (i love all this behind the scene stuff!)and a couple comercials for new star wars video games, like battlefront 2. (if you have an x-box you can play two levels from battlefront 2)this dvd is definitely a must have!

R. zappelli |

A return to form from the master jedi

The two movies that preceeded episode three certainly had their moments and some spectacular visuals and special effects. however overall they didn't measure up to the original "star wars" and it's follow up "the empire strikes back" which is widely acknowledged as the best of the series. "revenge of the sith" is a spectacular return to form for the franchise. allowing for the fact that all star wars fans knew where the film was heading with the birth of darth vader the build up and payoff were well worth it. darth vader rising will go on to become one of the most mememorable big screen moments of all time. the film did not lack for action either. lightsabres galore are on display with multiple battles to keep the adrenaline flowing and although general grevious with his coughing and spluttering health issues does not hold the same menace as darth maul and of course vader, he has an interesting visual and the multiple spinning sabres are terrific. the movie tie up all the loose ends that lead into star wars and nothing is left out the pity is that lucas has seemingly scrapped plans to make episodes seven to nine which were touted at one point.