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Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (Two-Disc Limited Edition)

Noel lim |

The special edition redefines the vision of george lucas .

It is only fitting for the man who reinvented special effects with star wars to come back and reinvent the effects with the above mentioned film after 20 years. the scene with jabba just goes to show that we are fast approaching an era when films would cease to be a linear experience. pretty soon we will be watching " the revenge of bruce lee " with the lead actor ,a digital construct. mr. lucas go forth and multiply !


This 1977 orginal is orginally episoed 4.

In the future, the evil empire and his robotic darkman darth vadar put a rebellion ship under seige, and they captured princess leia. but two droids, c3po and r2d2 escape, and recieve the princess's message to farm boy luke skywalker. who finds his deceased father's old friend obi-won-kanobi, the message is for him. after explaning to luke about being a jedi and darth vadar killed his father, luke and obi-won and the droids team up with a pilot called han solo and his rookie chewbacca to vadar's death star to rescue the princess. but times become troubled when vader kills obi-won kanobi, they begin a rebellion against him... and a fighter mission: "destroy the death star"

Iggylove |

Exactly what i wanted

I got tired of waiting for george lucas to put this on blue ray and i really wanted new hope on dvd. it was in perfect condition and got here super fast.