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Star Wars Episodio 2 - L'Attacco Dei Cloni (2 Dvd)

Richard d. cappetto |

Spectacular ; i cant wait for part three.

This second installment of the prequel is an exciting roller coaster of a movie from start to finish; with a nice romance interwoven between the action. if you saw the movie and love it, you have to have this dvd set, if you did not see the movie get it anyway, its a wonderful movie. the dvd looks and sounds excellent; and attack of the clones flows perfectly from the phantom menace, points to the next episode and leaves us wanting more. for those of you who like extras, this cd set is packed with them, it includes commentary by writer-director george lucas, producer rick mccallum, and others. eight exclusive deleted scenes with introductions. a documentary about the creation of digital characters in episode ii. three features examining the story line, action scenes, and love story through behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the cast and filmmakers. a 12-part web documentary. a music video. exclusive production photos. one-sheet posters. international outdoor campaign. trailers and tv spots. r2-d2, beneath the dome trailer. exclusive dvd-rom content; and more.

Farhad edibam |

A must have for the sci-if movie buff

Bought as part of the six movie star wars series that will be a permanent fixture of my movie collection. farhad

K. martin |

Love this movie!!!

I have been a fan of the star wars movies since i was a small child and i adore this movie and all the other star wars movies! star wars 4 ever!!!