Brand : Stash Tea

Stash Tea Double Bergamot Earl Grey Black Tea, 1000 Tea Bags in 8.58 Pound Box

Mtc |

Great tea to start a day!

I have this tea to start a day every morning. i really like the flavor and taste! i subscribe to this product.

Tc_ |

So good it's now my subscribe and save

Switched from coffee to tea thanks to this brew. full of flavor. i also dropped a few pounds by switching to this tea vs drinking coffee with non dairy creamer.

Honolulu sprite |

Tea time!

I liked this brand of tea but the flavor was not quite strong enough for my taste. then, i found this double bergamot -- hooray! this tea is my favorite and i prefer the stash brand to the tazo brand. i have it on regular shipments -- that's how well i like it. if you like tea (especially if you like earl grey) this is a definite must have!