Brand : C. A. Stephens

Stories from the Old Squire's Farm

Brenton morley |

She and her mother just loved this book

I sent for this book strictly on a recommendation from a granddaughter. she and her mother just loved this book, so i knew it must be really good. another granddaughter is reading the copy i ordered and really enjoys it. it gives a great picture of life on a farm years ago when life was not necessarily easier, but it was definitely simpler. family values are upheld.

Jim |

Fiction that lives!

As most of the reviewers have already noted this is a wonderful book. actually it is all the more fascinating because it is actually fiction. i thought that these must be true accounts of steven's (his actual name.) childhood but the stories were written for a children's magazine. the edition that i have explains that these accounts are fiction. extremely good fiction, i think. read it. you and your children, if any, will love it.

Mrskatie |

Very fun read

A fun read. my 11 yr old daughter took over the book before i could finish it and loved it too. i heard it compared to the little house books, but i wouldn't say it's quite that good - but almost.