Brand : Michael Dane

Stuck In My Head: An Offbeat Look at Music and Mental Health

Robert henderson |

Music as a muse

I identified with michael dane's descriptions of how music influences his being. the book is well written, full of fascinating little-known anecdotes, entertaining, and thoughtful. i recommend it to any lover of contemporary music

Fairyg |

This book is so funny i have to be careful reading it late at ...

This book is so funny i have to be careful reading it late at night because it makes me laugh so loudly i wake others in the house. written by a true craftsman of comedy.

Drew jansen |

Hang on; this one's a wild (and uproarious!) ride.

I believe i've finally hit upon an apt metaphor for what it's like to read a michael dane book: it's like your brain is the pen in a turbocharged spirograph; wildly (and hilariously) careening from topic to topic (here, united under the broad umbrella of "music and mental health"), yet the end result is a beautiful picture of an insatiably curious genius. dane's love for all things musical manifests itself early on. from there we follow him willingly as he offers up his twisted takes on pop tunes we all secretly adored, the shocking link between nudity and the accordion, an embarrassing episode involving the author and a bicycle get the idea. this is not a "set 'em up, knock 'em down" joke book. rather, it's a collection of essays of various lengths, some guffawingly funny, others rather poignant (but never maudlin, thank god!). while i am a musician, no musical knowledge is required for enjoying this read. michael dane is a very funny man. four bucks can prove it.