Brand : Suave

Suave Professionals 2 in 1 Plus Shampoo and Conditioner, pH Balanced, 28 oz (Pack of 4)

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ |

The latest thing in hair care

Moroccan argan oil is the latest thing in hair care. if you try it, you will understand why. it has the most luscious scent of any hair care product. the suave shampoo and conditioners smell wonderful. i just want to pour it all on. when i'm done, my hair is shiny and healthy. there's something about this oil that really works. great product.

Dswpoodles |

Works better than more expensive brands

This works better than products i've paid 4 times as much for. it is a great conditioner and i will purchase it again. i switch hair products when i do my hair every other day or sooner. why spend 25 bucks for a product when you can get it for $5.00?

E. b. mulligan |

Practically perfect in every way

This suave product cleaned my hair just like the paul mitchell product does. my 50 year old curly, thick longish irish hair was clean and rinsed out quickly and easily. i do have split ends and while the shampoo did what i expected it to, it is the conditioner (suave professionals split end rescue conditioner)that kept my hair from looking a mess. i wish i could say i saw a split end reduction, however i didn't. then again i wasn't expecting it because if the shampoo has cleaned my hair then it has done it's job.