Brand : Judy Blume

Summer Sisters: A Novel

Leia danielle thomasson |

Over and over again

Honestly, one of the best taless of friendship, love and loss. i've read this book several times over the past 15 years and each time i fall in love with caitlin and victoria all over agai.


Make it a movie!!!

Summer sisters was a great book. as vix grew older the story got better!! the irony of the story got confusing at certain places, but in the end it works out. i loved how the different characters had a page or so of there thoughts. it makes you want to say he soo loves you or just listen to her you'll regret it! ms. blume four words " summer sisters totally rocks!!!!"

Mary kelley |

Tears and laughter-very true to life

I highly recommend this book for every girl that grew up in the late 70's and 80's. it touches on every aspect of growing up with a close friend. i read judy blume as a child and this is my first "adult" judy blume book. i plan to buy wifey next.