Brand : Naomi Watts

Sunlight Jr.

Itsthenando |

Great indie film drama

Laurie collyer has done it again with a gritty story that is visceral and interesting throughout. the performances by these legendary actors was great.

James galan |

Sleeper of the year.

This movie was barely noticed by the critics. it's the sleeper of the year. wonderful chemistry between naomi watts and matt dillon. a tour de force.

Lottolaffs |

Matt still got it,baby!

Had no idea what the heck "sunlight jr." could mean but glad i started watching to find out. don't look to be cheered up by this slice of poor america. the scenes with missy's mom and the foster kids rang very realistic for me. so sad, makes you just want to go out and buy food and toys for every underprivileged kid in the world and hug them. i haven't seen matt in a movie for years,probably since the outsiders, lol, though i know he's been in quite a few since then. great to see he's still around and burning the screen up with his ageless looks and talent. and tess harper! didn't i see you last in a murder she wrote episode in the 80's? wow. nice to see this veteran actress in such a raw performance. a very moving film overall and one i won't soon forget!