Brand : Melissa Joan Hart

Sweet N' Sour Victory

Xarata |

Get the rest up soon!

Over 16 years later, i still loved watching it. quirky, fun, and adorable. hope the other seasons are added soon.

Jesuschrysler |

My six year old loves this series.

Sabrina presents herself as a do good witch who is faced with bullies and teasers in her high school. she has a knack for solving problems using her new found witchcraft in a gentle way. yet she teaches us how to best handle tricky situations using gentle magic. humorous ans somehow plausible, sabrina brings it all together in a non-threatening way. there may be a few scenes that might illustrate magical mistakes made by sabrina, but she always seeks a way to right them so as not to intentionally harm anyone.

Szfq93 |

A funny show with magic and a talking cat! there's something about melissa joan hart that makes me have to like her.

I recently watched the melissa & joey show which convinced me to come back and re-watch this entertaining show. season 1 has some wonderful characters, especially libby, sabrina's main antagonist. i also enjoy the episodes that have penn & teller (or just penn) in them. i haven't watched season 2 yet (except for back in the 90's ;-) ) so i can't say how season 1 compares with the other seasons just yet.