Brand : Cynthia E. Hurst

Sweetwater: R&P Labs Mysteries #2

Pepper |

R and p labs mysteries - good reading

Sweetwater is the third book i've read in the series. the books were uploaded out of order so i've been reading them as they appear. i'll reread them at some point in order because i like to see how a series grows. that said, the books are fine as stand alones; there are hints of things from the past that i'm now discovering as i read towards the beginning. the author continues to deliver a nice "cosy" mystery. this is how hurst describes the lab: "it was a friendly place, where the coffeemaker was always on and people were always willing to chat." this is the way i feel about the characters. i could see myself having a cup of coffee with the gang or a beer or glass of wine on the deck (on one of the days the sun comes out... it is seattle, after all). i must say, however, that this book made me crave chocolates so be prepared.