Brand : Johann David Wyss

Swiss Family Robinson

Phinneus |

Fascinating over the centuries!

A fantastic story i first read as a youngster. we find the robinson family back in the 19th century on a sailing ship headed for new lands for settlement. after a terrible hurricane like storm, the family alone survives and are washed ashore. the crew had gone off alone in life boats, abandoning the few passengers ane were never heard from again. a most interesting aspect of the family dynamics involves the formality of addressing one another, the expectations of the parents as to proper behavior and respect for one another. the author obviously had a amazing knowledge of the local flaura and fauna and this knowledge as displayed by 'father' was instramental in the robinsons being able to survive. the fact that the ship was nearby and trapped in the rocks gave the family considerable time to return to the wreck and scavenge for a considerable amount of food, tools, weapons, gunpowder, timber, etc. the manner in which the family were able to creatively take advantage of the natural environment and the items from the ship were described in great detail. the survival of a number of farm animals and poultry from the wreck assisted them greatly. for years i have always planned to read this book again and finally got to it. for those recognizing that 'surviving' an array of disasters that will someday befall us,[asteroids, solar storms, mammoth hurricanes, emps, etc] this tomb is a must to read.

Anac |

Well written and holds my attention

An interesting and imaginative story and fascinating because of the time period. characters and details are creative and believable if sometimes a bit romantic.

Shirley render |

Great classic

I enjoyed this novel as a tried and true classic tale. i had read it long ago and it was fun to read it again with a new perspective. entertaining and informative.