Brand : Johann David Wyss

Swiss Family Robinson (Ladybird Children's Classics)

C. hall |

A good bedtime read for a 4 year old

We used this for a bedtime read with our four year old, and he enjoyed the adventurous story simply told.

Mike |

Ultimate camping trip.

This book brings out the camping spirit in me, makes me want to haul off into the woods and build a tree house, with my bare hands.

John mac |

A further robinsonade tale...

No doubt, all but everybody has seen the walt disney movie based upon this classic novel, but after reading the novel, itself, as an adult, it is engaging and quite remarkable. so much so that had i read the novel when i was younger i probably would have gotten bogged down in the 19th century language and not taken the christian 'ethical' and moral facets introduced by the father to his children as seriously as i do today. a very entertaining novel. of the other robinsonade genre novel types i have read including the mysterious island and godfrey morgan by jules verne and the blue lagoon by henry de vere stacpoole, all these are superb literary examples to be placed side by side with the swiss family robinson. in my personal view, it is a shame that johann david wyss did not not write most than this single book. again,great read. waiting for a sequel... lol.... there is... it is by jules verne.