Brand : Swordfish

Swordfish 60010 192pc Black Nylon Shield and Push Type Retainer Assortment Kit

Skullywag |

Great value, smart choice for future jobs.

Nice assortment of fasteners. if you have ever had to remove door panels, wheel well liners and such, you know fasteners never work as tightly as before, and are often damaged when pried. replacing old fasteners when removed is a must. your auto store usually charges $4-$6 for two or three. this is an economical way to always have the proper size ready at all times. have already used half a dozen...which would have cost me the same or more at my auto parts store as this 192 piece set did.

Thomas s. |

Unless you're a trained mechanic, and know everything.......

When you need these things, they are nice to have. whenever you have to remove anything on the car, the original plastic plugs usually get distorted and become unusable. and you don't usually know the exact size of what you need, so a kit like this makes life simple.

Paul campbell |

Nice set of replacement fasteners

Nice set of replacement fasteners. i used 3 of them to reinstall the fender liner on my 2003 gmc sierra and they work and look like oem.