Brand : Alexandre Dumas


Beatrice padilla |

Christmas gift

My son is an avid reader and is interested in reading the classics. the look of the cover is very nice according to my son. he said he is looking forward to reading the count of monte cristo! it's is the second classic i have purchased for him and will continue purchasing more of the classics to help him build up his library of classic books.

Josh warren |

A classic page-burner

This enormous book took quite a while to read, but i was certainly happy because i could not put it down. i felt that no part of it dragged along and felt insignificant compared to the genius of the author. the only problem i had was that the kindle version says the book is about 600 pages, which was certainly not nearly correct. maybe they will fix in an update.

Book worm |

The count of monte cristo

I found this book amazing! its a must read! i had no proublem getting it on my kindal and have had no proublems with my kindal after down loading this book. i enjoyed so much i told friends and family of this book. the story is of a young sailor who was in love and had finaly made enough money to help his father in his old age and to get married. but he was wrong by three men and put into prison for many years.where he meet a fellow inmate who all thought was crazy they became friends.and one day or sailor excaped and with out giving to much away lets say revenge was on his mind.there is much more to the book than just revenge alone. i found i could not put it down and didnt want it to end good will travel to many places. amazing book